InfantSEE® Exams

At Mission Family Optometry, we prioritize the eye health and vision of even our youngest patients. We understand the importance of early detection and intervention when it comes to pediatric eye care. That's why we are proud participants in the InfantSEE® program.

The InfantSEE® program is a nationwide initiative designed to provide comprehensive eye assessments for infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months, at no cost to their families. This program aims to detect potential eye and vision problems early on, when they are most treatable. We are committed to promoting healthy visual development in infants and ensuring that any potential issues are addressed promptly.

During an InfantSEE® examination, our experienced optometrists will perform a thorough evaluation of your child's visual system. This includes assessing eye alignment, focusing abilities, and overall eye health. By using specialized techniques and instruments, we can evaluate the eye structures and detect any signs of potential vision problems or ocular conditions.

Pediatric eye care extends beyond the initial InfantSEE® examination. As your child grows, regular eye exams become essential to monitor their visual development and detect any changes or concerns. Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services for children of all ages.

Key aspects of our pediatric eye care include:

  1. Comprehensive Eye Examinations: We offer comprehensive eye exams tailored specifically to the unique needs of children. These exams go beyond simple vision screenings and encompass a thorough assessment of visual acuity, eye alignment, focusing abilities, and overall eye health.

  2. Vision Correction: If your child requires vision correction, we provide a range of options, including eyeglasses and contact lenses specifically designed for children. Our knowledgeable team will guide you in choosing the most appropriate solution to meet your child's visual needs.

  3. Treatment of Eye Conditions: Should any eye conditions or concerns be identified during the examination, we offer personalized treatment plans to address them effectively. This may include prescribing medication, recommending vision therapy, or coordinating care with pediatric ophthalmologists when necessary.

  4. Expert Guidance and Education: We are here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding your child's eye health. We will address any questions or concerns you may have and offer practical advice on maintaining optimal eye care habits for your child.

At Mission Family Optometry, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life, including healthy vision. Our commitment to the InfantSEE® program and our comprehensive pediatric eye care services reflect our dedication to providing the highest level of care for your child's visual well-being.

​​​​​​​Schedule an appointment today and let us ensure your child's eyes are set on a clear and vibrant future.

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